Capitol Park Rakovica

Opened in October 2017, Capitol Park Rakovica is the first modern retail park in Belgrade and operates in the municipality of Rakovica which with 110,000 residents makes it the seventh largest municipality in Serbia’s capital city.

The total site area of 65,000 sqm is situated in the major commercial zone of Patrijarha Dimitrija street, one of Belgrade’s main arterial roads. The topographic landscape of Rakovica provides excellent visibility from the surrounding settlements of Vidikovac, Petlovo Brdo, Sunčani Breg and Miljakovac.

Capitol Park Rakovica is designed as a complex made of two separate buildings organised around and a central plateau which comprises 30 units with world known brands on a total retail area of 21,200 sqm with 750 parking spaces. This makes it the largest retail park in Belgrade and an ideal place for family entertainment and shopping.

International and major regional brands create an ideal tenant mix, including a food hypermarket, fashion, footwear, sports, children’s clothing and toys, and household goods.

Capitol Park Rakovica


Poseidon Property is a commercial and residential multi-scale international developer and investor. Our company’s live developments span multiple residential developments in London, through to multiple retail parks in the Balkans to the largest resort regeneration project in Croatia.

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Mitiska REIM is a Brussels based real estate investment management company.

Mitiska REIM manages the specialist real estate fund “First Retail International” (FRI) which has an investment capacity of 200 million EUR targeting retail park properties in Europe. FRI’s current portfolio represents a total investment value of 100 million EUR.

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