The Capitol of Shopping

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With architecture and design sensitive to the wider environmental surroundings, the Capitol Park brand aspires to become a recognised symbol for each city in which it operates.

Each Capitol Park attracts greater customer traffic alongside winning prime tenants, especially those new to entering the SE European market. This differentiates Capitol Park from its competitors, and builds customer loyalty and an industry reputation that works to attract the most desirable tenants.

The Capitol Park vision aims to create the preferred shopping destination for customers by delivering outstanding value, continuous innovation and an exceptional experience..

Capitol Park strives to become the leading retail park network in SE Europe. We strive to become and remain the first choice of retail destination for our customers.

Capitol Park provides an international shopping experience while delivering unbeatable local prices.

Poseidon Property is a commercial and residential multi-scale international developer and investor. Our projects span multiple residential locations across London, through to a diverse portfolio of retail Capitol Parks in SE Europe and the largest resort regeneration in Croatia. Our built income-producing investments span sector and European geography.

Poseidon Property is represented through offices in the UK, Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia. It combines international property expertise with exceptional local knowledge.

Poseidon Property is part of the Poseidon Group of companies.
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We aim to minimise the local environmental impact of our developments.

Green initiatives within each scheme reduces carbon footprint, including:

– Grey water recycling with water provided to local horticulture projects

– Solar power for communal lighting and site signage installations
– Increased insulation to reduce lost heat in winter and increase cool air in summer thereby reducing energy costs.


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Capitol Park Ivanić Grad

Ivanić Grad is located 25 km south-east of the capital Zagreb in central Croatia.Ivanić Grad has a population of 9,379.Excellent communications and great visibility, located just off the highway junction.Includes gas station. Address: Žitna bb - Hypermarket: 4,500 sq...

Capitol Park Kutina

Kutina is a city in central Croatia, the largest settlement in the hilly region of Moslavina, in the Sisak Mislavina County.The town has a population of 13.735, while the total municipality population is 22.760.The property has excellent communications, located on the...

Capitol Park Slavonski Brod

Slavonski Brod is located in eastern Croatia, near the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina.Slavonski Brod is the 7th largest city in the country, with a population of 59,000. It is the centre of Brod-Posavina County.The property is a purpose built supermarket,...

Capitol Park Makarska

Makarska is a city located on Croatia's Dalmatian coastline, 65 km from Split.Makarska has a population of 15,866.The major retail development in Makarska.It is a major tourist centre and one of the top beach destinations in Croatia. In 2015 there were 180,121...

Shopping Capitol KRK

Krk is Croatia’s largest island and is connected to mainland Croatia by a bridge, close to Rijeka.The island has a population of 19,383 and Krk town has a population of 6,243.Krk is a popular tourist destination and is consistently voted in Europe’s top 10 islands by...

Shopping Capitol Zadar

Zadar is located in south Croatia. It is the administrative center of the Zadar County in Dalmatia, with a population of 75,082 according to the 2011 census. Purpose built, shopping center completed in 2007.Excellent communications and great visibility, located on the...

Shopping Capitol Požega

Požega is located in the western part of the country, in Slavonia. It is the administrative center of the Požega-Slavonia County.The total population of the city administrative area is 26,248.The property is a purpose built supermarket, completed in 2011.Excellent...

Capitol Park Sisak

Sisak is located in central Croatia approximately 50 km south of Zagreb.Sisak has a population of 47,768.Purpose built, supermarket completed in 2006.The scheme has great visibility, located on the main road through Sisak. Address: Petrinjska 11  -  Hypermarket: 4,255...

Capitol Park Jastrebarsko

Jastrebarsko is approximately 25 km south-west from Zagreb. Jastrebarsko has a population of 15,866.The store caters for the Jastrebarsko urban area and the neighbouring villages. Excellent communication links.Jastrebarsko was placed in the top 10 micro-European...

Capitol Park Zaječar

Capitol Park Zajecar will be the fifth retail park developed by Poseidon Group in Serbia, and first modern shopping scheme in this city. It will serve approximately 60,000 people of the city of Zajecar and offer a completely new modern shopping experience to its...


Capitol Park Leskovac opens

Capitol Park Leskovac, a EUR 10M retail real estate investment in Leskovac led by British "Poseidon Group" and Belgian "Mitiska REIM", opened on 9 May. The plot of 16,500 sqm and 6,500 sqm of retail space is situated in the city centre, on 28 March street,...

Poseidon Group to open Capitol Park Zajecar in spring 2019

Completed projects in Sabac, Sombor and Belgrade, with construction underway in Leskovac, Poseidon Group continues to invest in the Serbian retail market by bringing its Capitol Park brand of retail parks to Zajecar in spring 2019. Serving Zajecar’s 60,000...

Capitol Park Rakovica celebrated first anniversary and opened five new stores

On Thursday 25 October the largest retail park in Belgrade, Capitol Park Rakovica, celebrated its first anniversary with the arrival of five new brands.  Several thousand people enjoyed special anniversary discounts from 10.00 am to 11.00 pm, as well as...

Capitol Park Sombor marks first anniversary and announces 2019 expansion

Capitol Park Sombor, the city’s first retail park, today marked its first anniversary. Several thousand people attended celebrations at the shopping complex on Strosmajerova 28.  Over the 12 months since opening, Capitol Park has established itself as a...

New fashion brands join Capitol Park Rakovica this October

FASHION & FRIENDS OUTLET, INTERSPORT, Koton and Opposite shoes open on Capitol Park Rakovica’s first anniversary     Poseidon Group’s largest single retail project, Capitol Park Rakovica, opens a second phase on 25 October 2018 which marks...



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