Capitol Park Rakovica has supported the Kosutnjak Archery Club through its tournaments worldwide since 2017.  Today, it brings the competition home.

The Capitol Park “Cup Kosutnjak 2018” tournament will be held on Sunday 29 April 2018 in the Kosutnjak Archery Club fields in Belgrade and gathers more than 50 of the best competitors in the recurve, compound and barebow disciplines.  As well as the Serbian teams, the tournament will welcome players from Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.  The tournament will be open to the public and will last from the morning until late afternoon.

Poseidon Group’s Projects & Construction director for Serbia, Milan Nikolic, emphasized the value of this cooperation: “Capitol Park Rakovica is honored to support this historic sport, and encourage the development of talented archers from the Kosutnjak club. We as a company support persistence, motivation and individuality in every aspect of our business and partnerships”. Capitol Park Rakovica will continue to support the Kosutnjak Archery team in 2018. and looks forward to new trophies and wins.